Custom Fields is only available for Basic and Pro package

You can create custom fields for your inspections, issues and images. This gives you the possibility to customize Inspection Cloud for your specific workflow. 

You can set Custom Fields for each inspection types, which give you the possibility to add information X, Y, Z for pipe-inspections and information A, B, C for building-inspections. 

Examples of how to use Custom Fields

  • Enrich your inspection with precise information about the crew on site, who is the customer, the drone used for the inspection etc. 

  • Add fields to an issue about repair status, estimated cost to repair, expected repair time etc. 

How to create Custom Fields

  1. Go to Inspections.

  2. Click on "Inspection types".

  3. Choose the inspection type you want to add Custom Fields to.

  4. In the left menu, choose if you want to add Custom Fields to Inspections, Issues or Images.

5. Click "Add property".
6. Give your new property a label (name) and description if needed.
7. Choose which type of data it is; Text, Number, Checkbox, Date etc. and click "Submit". 


In this showcase we would like to add the height and build year in chimney inspections. 

Notice: Static information should be added to a database and a relation made between the asset and the inspection. See more in Introduction to Databases.

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