Databases is only available in the Basic and Pro package.

Databases is a great way to keep all your static information at one place and easily link it to an inspection. 

Databases can e.g. keep track of your drone pilots, customers, assets and much more. 

When using a database you only have to fill in the same information one time. So when you are inspection the same asset several times, and would like information in the inspection report about e.g. height, build year, inspection frequency etc. all these information should be added in a database and connected to the inspection type. 


A company are inspecting the same chimneys every year and need to fill in information about the build year, height and building material. These information can be added to a database to choose from, every time the company are creating a new chimney inspection.

After linking the database to the inspection the information from the database can automatically be added to a report (requires to set up a report template). 

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