Measurements can be created from the Globe pane. It is possible to create measurements by point, height, distance, angle and area.

How to create a measurement

  1. Click on the ruler in the "Globe" pane.

  2. Choose point, height, distance, angle or area.

  3. Click in the globe where you want to do your measurement.
    Point: Set a single point
    Height: Set two points
    Distance: Set at least two points, and as many as you want.
    Angle: Set at least three points.
    Area: Set at least three points.

    When doing distance, angle or area, double left-click to finish the measurement.

    Pro Tip:
    If you are doing distance, angle or area, you can add another point by holding CTRL+Left Click on a point in the measurement. You can delete a point by double left click on the point. 

How to save a measurement

All measurements is temporary and will be shown in the "Measurements" pane.

To save a measurement, click on the "Save" icon of the measurement.

It's also possible to give the measurement a name by clicking the pencil. 

When the measurement is saved, it will switch from orange to green (If you haven't changed colors). 

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